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We are a preferred vendor of POLYWOOD products from Poly-Wood, Inc. POLYWOOD furniture is the leading brand of recycled plastic outdoor furniture.  Made in the USA by Poly-Wood, Inc., it is top-quality, full outdoor use patio furniture offering the tradition, style and warmth of wooden outdoor furniture - with none of the maintenance. POLYWOOD furniture is crafted using time-tested wood furniture manufacturing techniques substituting uniform high-density poly plastic (HDPE) dimension lumber "boards" and stainless steel fasteners. POLYWOOD furniture is built to last ... a lifetime.

Why buy POLYWOOD Furniture?

  • It's cool - to the touch, that is. Unlike metal, outdoor furniture made from POLYWOOD does not absorb excess heat or cold.
    • And unlike wooden patio furniture, POLYWOOD does not absorb water when it rains.
  • It's colorful - POLYWOOD furniture is available in earth tones and vibrant pastels.
    • POLYWOOD accents and brightens your outdoor decor like no other.
  • It's sturdy - POLYWOOD recycled plastic furniture is not flimsy "supermarket" quality plastic furniture.  It looks & feels solid & heavy.
    • A typical POLYWOOD Adirondack chair weighs 40 lbs!
  • It's versatile - dining chairs can double as deck chairs; some items stack or fold for storage.
    • POLYWOOD furniture can also be used with or without cushions
  • It's easy to clean - POLYWOOD furniture can be lightly cleaned with soap and water.
    • Heavy cleaning is possible with a power washer.
  • It's near-zero maintenance - POLYWOOD furniture never needs painting.  Color thoroughly penetrates the poly "wood".
    • POLYWOOD is UV protected against fading and does not rot, splinter, check or attract insects.
  • It's environmentally friendly - POLYWOOD furniture is mostly recycled HDPE plastic derived from post consumer waste.
    • No trees are killed making your new POLYWOOD outdoor patio furniture! Reuse. Recycle. Relax!

Why buy your new POLYWOOD® Furniture from

POLYWOOD Furniture from Shop Carolina, Inc - we are your poly wood furniture experts Shop Carolina Inc., the owner of is a Preferred Vender of POLYWOOD® Furniture from Poly-Wood, Inc. - that means we truly know our stuff! We have served outdoor furniture shoppers on the Internet since 1998 and have offered recycled plastic POLYWOOD outdoor furniture online since 2005.

Shopping with offers the convenience of full POLYWOOD product selection and UPS delivery straight to your door. POLYWOOD furniture ships fast – many items ship within 3 business days. However, some items in some colors do ship slower and sometimes the rush of the season does overwhelm manufacturing capacity. There’s also transit time from Indiana to consider. If you must have something right now, we always encourage you to shop locally.

We constantly strive to provide excellent customer service, the same sort of service with personal attention to detail we seek when shopping online. At, every question, purchase and post-sale follow up receives the personal attention of an owner. Please give us a call 888-342-8927 - we are never knowingly undersold and we will do everything we can to earn your business.

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