Frequently Asked Questions about POLYWOOD®

Are POLYWOOD®, Poly-Wood®, polywood and poly wood the same?
No, POLYWOOD® and poly wood are search terms commonly used to locate the POLYWOOD® brand of recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic outdoor furniture and plastic lumber made by trendsetter and leading product innovator Poly-Wood, Inc. Shop Carolina, Inc., the owner of PolywoodFurniture.com is a preferred vendor of POLYWOOD Furniture from poly-wood, Inc.

Besides manufacturing POLYWOOD, does Poly-Wood, Inc sell to the public?
No.  Poly-Wood, Inc does not retail its products and neither PolywoodFurniture.com nor the owners of other websites selling POLYWOOD furniture manufacture POLYWOOD furniture. 

What is polyethylene (HDPE)?
Polyethylene (HDPE) is a plastic polymer sourced from petroleum, natural gas, corn and other biomass.  The primary use of HDPE is the manufacture of soda bottles, milk jugs and other blow molded hollow goods. When a consumer recycles these items, there is a rough offset of 1 gallon of crude oil per 3 lbs of recycled plastic. POLYWOOD furniture is crafted from uniform HDPE dimension lumber manufactured by Poly-Wood, Inc. using its own proprietary technologies.

Is POLYWOOD 100% recycled?
No.  Though it is mostly recycled HDPE, POLYWOOD also contains virgin material.

Is POLYWOOD furniture truly no-maintenance?
Nearly so. Colors are solid throughout the thick "wood", so it t never needs the type of maintenance associated with wooden outdoor furniture, such as sealing or painting. Of course, everything looks better when clean; POLYWOOD furniture can be rinsed, hand-washed or power-washed (1500 psi or less) with water and any type of soap.  Proper care is required to support the benefits of the warranty.

Will POLYWOOD colors fade?
POLYWOOD is treated with UV stabilizers, making it highly resistant (but not impervious) to fading. POLYWOOD color is solid, through and through so furniture is not affected by nicks and scratches.

Should I cover my POLYWOOD furniture?
HDPE plastic does not absorb water, so POLYWOOD furniture can be left outside in all seasons never needing to be covered, unless you choose. Covering will afford additional protection in high UV environments.

Should I buy furniture cushions?
You can decide. POLYWOOD furniture is ergonomically designed and does not transfer high amounts of heat or cold to the body, so cushions are not necessary, simply a matter of preference.  A full line of perfect fit Sunbrella® cushions are avaiable; you can add them at the time of purchase or order them later. 

How is POLYWOOD furniture built?
POLYWOOD furniture is crafted using traditional furniture manufacturing techniques using uniform extruded polyethylene (HDPE) dimension "boards" and stainless steel fasteners for long-lasting, full outdoor use.

What is the POLYWOOD warranty?
Poly-Wood, Inc.,warranties to the original purchaser that, for a period of twenty years of residential use and one year for commercial use from the date of original purchase, under normal use and service conditions, POLYWOOD brand high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products shall be free from material defects, and shall not splinter, crack, chip, peel, rot, or suffer structural damage from insect infestation. Further, Poly-Wood warranties that for a period of 30-days from date of purchase all POLYWOOD products shall be free from defects related to workmanship.  Read the full warranty HERE.  

Poly-Wood, Inc. has specific waranty claim proceedures and when you buy from Shop Carolina, Inc., we will work with both you and Poly-Wood, Inc. toward resulution of your claim.  We've sold POLYWOOD for more than 8 years and have had very few issues.  Sometimes we see an odd warped board and occasional loosened/stripped hardware in furniture exposed to exceptionally rugged use.  

What is the difference between POLYWOOD recycled plastic and "supermarket" plastic patio furniture?
Everything. HDPE plastic is heavy and dense and furniture made from it is solid and sturdy, designed and built like quality wooden outdoor furniture.  A typical POLYWOOD Adirondack chair weighs 40 lbs and will last a lifetime.  Lightweight supermarket plastic furniture is made from one-piece molded PVC plastic.