Shop Carolina, Inc. 100% Guarantees that it will meet any published price for POLYWOOD® Furniture and that it will always treat you honestly, just as we wish to be treated when shopping online!

Beware of BBB Imposters!
If clicking on an online BBB image on any website does not link you directly to the Better Business Bureau, or if upon clicking a BBB logo a business asks for you to submit your email address for details, then the business may be fraudulently claiming BBB accreditation with intent to deceive.

Before you buy POLYWOOD Furniture online, ask yourself ...

Is the website BBB Accredited?
Look for logos showing that an online business has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and then click on the logo to verify the accreditation.
 Shop Carolina, Inc. BBB Business Review
If clicking on an online BBB image does not take you to the Better Business Bureau, then the business may be fraudulently claiming BBB accreditation.

The BBB wants consumers to put trust in the BBB logo and the Standards for Trust that businesses must abide by in order to use the logo, including a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. 

If you see a suspicious BBB logo, you can contact directly, or call us: 888-342-8927, we'll give you the straight story.

Does the website offer credible contact information?
Make certain the web business offers a physical contact location to receive warranty service and to register complaints. On a regular e-commerce website, this information might be found in sections labeled "About Us", "Contact Us" or both. 

Failure to provide a physical contact address is contrary to Visa and MasterCard merchant account rules and its absence is a serious red flag on any website requesting credit card information.

You can always contact at:

Shop Carolina, Inc.
3115 White Horse Road #204
Greenville, SC 29611
Telephone: 888-342-8927
Fax: 864-294-1609

About Internet Pricing 
MAP is the Minimum Advertised Price an authorized Internet retailer is allowed to display in online advertising and it's the reason why you see the same online prices displayed for items from certain manufacturers everywhere you look.  In some cases, MAP pricing also applies to shopping cart discount, coupon and promo codes.  POLYWOOD® from Poly-Wood, Inc. is MAP priced on all of Shop Carolina, Inc.'s websites including  Sale Prices are discounts from the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

Just as Shop Carolina, Inc. is serious about offering the best prices on the Internet to its customers, it is also serious about maintaining the MAP and other policies of its suppliers.  Dealers who do not abide by supplier policies jeopardize their ability to serve you in the future on warranty and other issues.  Call us (888) 342-8927 with any questions.  When you do, we promise to treat you fairly and honestly, just as we would want to be treated ourselves.  

About Factory Discounts, like all other POLYWOOD furniture retail websites, does not manufacture POLYWOOD furniture.  However, Shop Carolina, Inc., the owner of, is a Preferred Vendor of POLYWOOD® Furniture from Poly-Wood, Inc. and we gladly pass on any savings and promotions offered by Poly-Wood, Inc. to you.  No one receives better POLYWOOD pricing and faster POLYWOOD shipping service than  No hype ... just fact.